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Historical reaction Euthanasia

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Against debate

            Such programs like Euthanasia Prevention Coalition  are deeply against euthanasia.  They are afraid of certain things like this: euthanasia will promote mercy killing, meaning that more parents will kill their disable child, because they think they are suffering, like the Latimer case.

            Another against argument is religion.  It is said in the Christian religion that men does not own it’s live it is a gift from God.

            Some people might want to be assisted in their suicide, they believe that they are or will be putting their family into deep debt, because they do not have enough money to pay for every service an ill person needs.

            How would you know if the patient really wanted to die if they are at a point where the patient can not verbally express what they want, there is no way you can get into someone thoughts and know if they are suffering or not.

            It was proven that in some euthanasia case the victim was killed on grounds of wanting to claim insurance money or heritage money.