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Historical reaction Euthanasia

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Religion debate

           This is a difficult aspect of euthanasia to debate because there are so many different religions with different beliefs and values in the world that we can not pin point which one is correct.

            In general, conservative Protestants such as Christians are more opposed to euthanasia than any other religion. Pope John Paul II wrote a section in his Evangelical Letter for all his Brothers, Sons and Daughters, he says: “Abortion and euthanasia are thus crimes which no human law can claim to legitimize”

            Moderate Protestants including religions such as Lutherans have mixed opinions. What is surprising is that they seem to oppose physician-asisted suicide, as in the case of Nancy Morrison.

            The liberal Protestants, including Presbyterians, are the most supporting of all three religious levels of spirituality.

            In the end it is a personal opinion if euthanasia is okay or not.  Those who appear to be more religious will oppose euthanasia, while those who are less in religion seem to have less of an opinion on euthanasia.