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Historical reaction Euthanasia

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Morrison case

           A physician from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was accused of murdering a terminally ill patient, Paul Mills.  It is believed that Morrison gave Mills, who was a dying patient of cancer, a massive dose of nitro-glycerine and potassium chloride to end is suffering in 1996.  He died within minutes after being injected. It is also believed that Mills was also on the verge of death, and he was not on life support anymore, his family had taken him off of the life support.

            Morrison was charged with first degree murder, but a short while later a provincial judge annulled the charges against her, saying that no jury would find her guilty.  There was also not enough evidence to prove her guilty, because there was only one nurse that though that she saw Morrison inject the drugs into Mills’ body.  There was not enough to go to court.  This incident was documented in her file, but it is though that it will not affect her career.  It is believed that she only wanted to ease the death of Mills.